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You Can Still Be a Gentleman in a Strip Club

You don’t need the social title of a “gentleman” to gain access to the present day’s version of gentlemen’s clubs. Such places have changed quite greatly over the decades when it comes to the type of members accepted and the forms of entertainment provided. However, that doesn’t mean that you should forget your good manners and right conduct when visiting the high end strip clubs Brisbane has.

Being a gent can give you more perks and make you an appreciated patron at these establishments. Dancers will certainly gravitate towards clientele who know how to behave like a gentleman when having a good time. You’ll certainly be able to enjoy your time and experience more.

So, how can you be a gentleman in a strip club?

  1. Look the part

You don’t have to wear a suit and tie. A dress shirt and slacks are nice enough to pull off a classy look. You’ll feel more like a gent, plus you’ll be on the safer side of complying with the general dress code.

Of course, good hygiene is a must. If you were the dancer, you wouldn’t find it too appealing to get up close with a smelly, grimy customer, would you?

  1. Give tips

Tipping is SOP in clubs, especially since most strippers work for tips only. They work hard to entertain and fulfill customer’s fantasies to make a living, so don’t insult their craft and sweat by indulging in free shows all the time. Besides, what are you doing in the high end strip clubs Brisbane offers if you don’t have the cash to spend?

There is a minimum acceptable amount per song which varies per city/country, so do some research if you’re in another place. Don’t forget that bartenders and waitresses are also providing you with services, so include them also in your budget for tips.

A gentleman also knows that the stage seats are for tippers only, so don’t hog a table there if you aren’t going to bring out some cash for the dancers.

  1. Be nice

Each strip club guest has a preferred type of dancer and dancing style. If the current performer is not your cup of tea, be cool and just sit away from the stage and wait until someone more to your liking comes along.

There is no need for booing or for making rude comments. In fact, even if you like the stripper, you shouldn’t make vulgar statements or catcall. A true gent never allows such uncouth things pass through his lips.

You treat everyone with respect and show your appreciation by smiling, clapping, saying “thank you”, and tipping, of course.

  1. Know the rules

Whether you are in high end strip clubs Brisbane establishments or in more casual joints in another city, you must make an effort to learn and follow club policies. Knowing the rules saves you from awkward and embarrassing situations, not to mention from being kicked out of the premises.

These may seem like such obvious and basic etiquette, but sadly there are many strip club customers who don’t use them. They don’t realise how much of a difference these small steps can have on taking their experience to a whole other level.


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